How to Make a Video Collage from Your Photos

Ever thought of turning your still photos into something interesting? How about creating a video collage by stitching the pictures together with an element of freshness?  It is fun and easy to create a video collage with exciting transitions, background music, or simply a voice-over to narrate a story. Fun to create, it brings life to the pictures.

Video Collage from Photographs

A collage is a cluster of images put together in a sequence to narrate a story or depict something special. The incorporation of this collage into a video creates a video collage, making it more engaging. The right platform makes it easy to create the video collage with the in-built drag and drop tools. There are different layouts available for you to choose from to create collages.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Video Collage

This guide will help you create an amazing video collage in an easy way on an Image to Video platform. Follow the steps, and you are all set to make your first video collage.

Step 1: Sign-Up for Free

The first step is to sign-up for the platform. This involves setting up your account for free by providing some information. This includes full name, e-mail address, password, and phone number. Once you successfully sign-up, it will take you to the template page.

Step 2: Choose a Suitable Template

The marketing template page can be a little intimidating. There are various categories of templates and you might have to spend some time finding the best template that suits your project requirement. As you scroll down, the footer will give you options to choose reflecting the purpose of the video collage.

Templates are available on the basis of which social media platform you want to create the content for and the type of content. For example, there are pre-built templates for creating a Facebook story or Instagram Story/Post or YouTube Landscape.

You can even personalize the templates that are in-built or uploaded on the platform.

Step 3: Choose a Layout for the Collage

Click on the Enhancer icon on the left column to select the collage layout. You can choose a format that is ideal for the video collage you want to create. The collage layout can be created with 1, 2, or 3 images rearranged in different ways. You can skip this step to continue without picking a layout.

Step 4: Add Images and Video

After you have chosen the right template, the next step is to add photos. On the top left corner, you will find the media button. Click on that to add images from a stock library. You can even choose to upload your photo instead of stock content by clicking on the upload button and browsing for the media.

Tip: Arrange the photos in a sequence to make it easy while uploading the media content for video collage creation.

Step 5: Add the Effects and Text

It is an easy online photo video maker (Click here now) with pretty straight forward options. After adding all the photos or videos in a sequence, it is time to add extra elements for ensuring the video collage stands out. Click on the Text icon (3rd from the top on the extreme left) to add text boxes to the collage. There are different text styles, fonts, and typography options available. Make the video collage even more impressive by experimenting with effects. Click on the Effect icon and check for all the fun effects. Add the effect if it looks appropriate with the video collage.

Step 6: Add Background Music or Voice-over

After the rough video collage is created, add suitable background music or voice over. Click on the music icon in the extreme left column to select the right music file. You can choose music from the Music Collection on the platform or upload your music or voice over for the video collage.

Step 7: Final Editing of Video Collage

After all the important elements are in place, it is time for the final editing before downloading or sharing the video collage. You can edit the video collage or trim the video for making the necessary adjustments. Once the final editing is done, make sure to play the video collage and check for errors.

Step 8: Export the Video

Once the video collage is ready and does not require any further editing, export the video to your system. Click on the Export button on the top right-hand corner to export the video. You can choose the video quality between 720 p for HD viewing and 1080p for full HD.

Know the Trick to Create the Right Video Collage

A video collage looks amazing when it has photos in a sequential manner narrating a story or depicting a timeline. One photo should connect the next and the thread should continue throughout the collage. Always choose pictures that have a similar shade of colours, texture and relate to one another. A random set of photos put together to create a video collage makes no sense at all.

A collage does not leave a strong emotion when it is only a few photos stitched together. There is a combination of elements required for creating an emotionally evoking and timeless video collage. Add texts to describe the photo or the moment in short and choose an eye-catching font. Always use crisp and clear audio that suits the theme of the video collage. If you wish to add a voice-over or narration, make sure it is recorded clearly.

With this step by step by a guide, you are now all set to create a beautiful video collage to celebrate memories or moments.

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